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Special Projects Division. This division was recently formed to address two spheres of business opportunities that the company has present potential to explore and create significant investment returns within relatively shorter period.
  • Firstly, the division will handle turnkey projects in areas where BrazAfric is already specialized in and has competitive edge;”Agribusiness post harvest machinery and equipment” therefore the company has existing expertise and knowhow.

    The division will however focus on those areas not currently covered by the existing Divisions who would otherwise have to divert their focus from their core business. Among the products and services offered are, design, delivery, commissioning and training of different crops processing units such as, sugar and ethanol, cassava processing, different value addition to fruits into processed products, sesame seed processing, seed processing plants and other array of grain and food processing.

  • Beyond that, the Division also helps in developing partnerships that open up trade avenues and business opportunities for investors. In this business category, the division offers business linkages in identifying and exploration of productive business opportunities for potential investors especially for the “south-to-south “business realm.

    The division conducts product sourcing both local and international and as such assists in identification of clients for potential manufactures on investors who wish to introduce their products in the regions that BrazAfric operates in.
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