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Coffee Department is the base where the company was created, and is specialized in post - harvest handling and processing techniques and technology. With equipment to attend all processing requirements, we are able to provide solutions for all stages of processing, assisted by machines designed, tested and developed for the socio-economical conditions prevalent in developing countries.

Coffee Department started in 1996 when the company was established with intension to explore and intensify existing social and commercial links, and establish new links, between Brazil and East Africa.

Our target is to serve Coffee industry from the primary to the Export level.

Coffee department was created as a one-stop-shop under the “A-to-Z-servicing company” maxim; - capturing consultancy, layout designs, supply, installations, training and commissioning, and after-sales services for coffee farmers, processors, and exporters offering top range agricultural brands. The East Africa offices (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania) offices provide proximity and after-sales services to end-users.

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