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Transforming African Agriculture through Efficient Mechanization and Regenerative Practices

"The Food Security Equation"

Soil Health + Carbon Capture + Human Innovation + Ecological Economies = Food Security 

Our Vision

To be a leading and vibrant center of Agri-business excellence for Africa in the coming decade.

Our Mission

To promote mechanization and regenerative agriculture practice in Africa.

AGROB envisions achieving continental coverage within 10 years under the mandate of addressing the most important shortcomings facing Africa’s agribusiness sector.

AGROB aims to be the one-stop partner, providing an efficient interface between investors/resources and execution/action.

Through the provision of an integrated service platform we can address challenges of any scale; complexity; proximity to end users; training farmers as well as bring sound and efficient solutions from all corners of the world. Our overriding vision serves to shorten the time frame in which Africa takes to tackle its self-sufficiency in both production and food security for the continent and beyond.

Our Corevalues


Founder and CEO of Brazafric Group of Companies (BGC)

Marcos Brandalise is the founder and CEO of Brazafric Group of Companies (BGC). After several career paths in Brazil, Europe (Germany) and Lastly in Africa (Angola),

Business Opportunity

With 8 courses of action and revenue streams working under one roof, including the supply of all the agribusiness requirements we are looking for like-minded people to invest in this prestigious and unique business opportunity.

Joins us for a fruitful agribusiness exchange

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